Schematron Tutorial Change Log

Roger Costello

  1. [January 01, 2008] I added a bunch of new stuff: reuse using the include element, using abstract patterns, and using abstract rules. Also, I added a miscellaneous file, containing info about the title element, the value-of element, the name element, the queryBinding attribute, and the defaultPhase attribute.
  2. [October 08, 2007] Joris Graaumans notified me that I had an error in my ISO Schematron tutorial: the pattern element does not have a name attribute. I fixed the tutorial, examples, and lab. Thanks Joris!
  3. [August 05, 2007] I added a tutorial which addresses the issue of whether a Schematron schema should be embedded within a grammar schema, or kept separate.
  4. [July 16, 2007] I added a tutorial on deciding how to factor constraint implementations, where different languages could be used.
  5. [July 16, 2007] I added a summary tutorial, containing lessons learned, who's using Schematron, recommendations
  6. [July 8, 2007] I added a new tutorial, on using the Schematron "see" attribute to connect an assertion to the requirement it implements
  7. [July 3, 2007] I updated the checksum example (each digit should be multiplied by its position).
  8. [June 30, 2007] I added an example of doing checksum validation in the algorithms tutorial.
  9. [June 27, 2007] I fixed a bunch of typos. I added an example showing how a Schematron schema can obtain reserved words from an external file.
  10. [June 18, 2007] Initial release of tutorials.

Last Updated: January 01, 2008