Reuse using Abstract Patterns

Roger Costello

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Motivation for Abstract Patterns

Motivation for Abstract Patterns

How to Create an Abstract Pattern

Example Abstract Pattern

  1. <sch:pattern abstract="true" id="Abstract-Security-Classification-Policy">
  2. <sch:rule context="$child-element-labeled-top-secret">
  3. <sch:assert test="$require-top-secret-root-element" />
  4. If there is a <sch:name /> labeled "top-secret"
  5. then the document's label must be top-secret.
  6. </sch:assert>
  7. </sch:rule>
  8. ...
  9. </sch:pattern>

How to use an Abstract Pattern

Example of using an Abstract Pattern

  1. <sch:pattern is-a="Abstract-Security-Classification-Policy" id="Organization-XYZ-Security-Classification-Policy">
  2. <sch:param name="child-element-labeled-top-secret"
  3. value="Para[@classification='top-secret']" />
  4. ...
  5. </sch:pattern>

Information Patterns!

Information Patterns!

Put Abstract Pattern in a Separate File